OEM Sales

CamPro USA is your go to distributor for plated and FMJ projectiles. 

Receiving multiple truck shipments each month, we are easily able to accommodate your production needs with our on-hand inventory and ability to customize any shipment to ensure you don’t have to wait for your projectiles.  And with our large warehouse space, we can accommodate months of forecasted inventory needs. 

We currently stock the following:

  • 380 100gr FCP RNFP
  • 9mm 115gr FCP RN
  • 9mm 124gr FCP RN
  • 9mm 147gr FCP RNFP
  • 38/357 158gr FCP RNFP
  • 10mm/40 180gr FCP SH
  • 44 240gr FCP TC
  • 45 230gr FPC RN
  • 45 Colt 250gr FCP RNFP
  • 223 55gr FMJ BT
  • 223 62gr FMJ BT SS109
  • 308 147gr FMJ BT

Other calibers and weights are available.
Contact us for pricing, quantities, and lead times.

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